Wednesday, 30 April 2014

James Rink - DARPA - the Bluebeam potential of MiLabs and G3-operatives.

According to Super Soldier afficianado James Rink,

DARPA is the one that hold’s onto the MILAB projects. Most of the abductions and injections are given via out side doctors well away from the main operations employed by the organisations (and) torture is used by these doctors as a way of control.

the following video from James Rink, who's been investigating the G3-operatives (or Super Soldiers as they're called) for years, shows how the MiLab/UFO Satanic indoctrination process works. You can look into Project Bluebeam if you want, it's alter'd slightly since its inception after the 2nd World War when Operation Paperclip brought dozens of Nazi war scientists to work at NASA. Excuse the jolly music track, as Powerstation might be some sort of kinky activation phrase for those in the Global Gambling Game.


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