Friday, 9 May 2014

Watcher, second draft complete!

Watcher (book two in the G3 Whistleblower Series), second draft complete.
Came to 65,000 words, which is comparable in length with its 2013 predecessor Tandem (book one in the G3 Whistleblower Series).
And by 'second draft complete' I mean, "It's done," there's not much I'll add to it at this point, apart from a more refined word selection or turn of phrase, I've already taken out a lot of swear words that weren't necessary. I have one final thing to do before I send it through the Chimericana Books publishing process.
I played this excellent CD, when I first got it, for almost every Tandem writing session. It really set the mood and the atmos of what became a character-written piece. No concern for story or narrative cleverness. Just the joy of writing the central characters, Lorien Howell and Actor Arrenay aka...
I'm gonna go through Watcher with this CD playing and see if Tandem's atmos, mood, freeformness can't be evoked again in the final tidy of this second G3 Whistleblower book. In fact, I'm going to read/tidy the chapters backwards because it's the back end of the book that's supposed to tie in with the start of Tandem. You'll understand when you read it.
Watcher will be available through Amazon and all other online distributors by early in the week; ebook, kindle, kobo, itunes, paperback, all the formats.

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