Saturday, 26 April 2014

LEAPS AND BOUNDS - Spanish Eyes - adjusted cover

it sometimes takes me a few months of intense thinkage before embarking on a book project, but once I get going I don't fuck about.
Houston, "We've just breached the FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS mark," that's over ten thousand words since the most recent update on this blog and I'm kinda starting to understand how this book might end, and more importantly WHY. Even with that utterly-Earth-shattering narrative-twist surprise ending I wrote a few weeks back and didn't wanna put in the book in case it just seemed like a cop-out. Seems though I'm loathe to follow some sort of organised plan, my mind wants to drag this G3-whistleblower narrative back to the OPPENHEIMER WAR WORLD scenario of book 1, Tandem.
Watcher is really book 2 in a trilogy; well, technically, book one. But it works better having been brought out in this order. Tandem first, then Watcher, then Kumiko (book three) which is going to be TOTALLY MENTAL because of all the radical ground work already laid by these preceding WAR WORLD novels.

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